This 2-capsule extracting coffee machine provides 2-shot layered blending

Enjoy a cup of Joe unlike any other with the DUOBO 2-capsule extracting coffee machine. Giving you 2-shot blending, it provides the best from both capsules.


2-capsule machine: Because it uses 2 capsules, it simultaneously blends 2 shots. This means you can enjoy blending without complex operations.
Infinite recipes: By combining 2 capsules, it gives you endless recipes for unique balance and flavor.
Extraction flow: With a straightforward and progressive extraction flow, the pump first draws water from the water tank to send to the boiler. Then, the heated water goes through a 3-way valve to the A and B chambers.
Customized temperatures: You can use the app to extract water at specific temperatures to your liking.


Overall, designed to elevate your blended coffee experience at home, it works with a connected app to make the process seamless.

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