This device manager lets you manage a fleet of Pocketalk translators

Manage your fleet of Pocketalk devices more easily with the Pocketalk Ventana device manager. This office gadget gives you translation insights in real time and management on a centralized platform. Here are its features:

Easy Device Management: This product makes managing your organization’s Pocketalk devices easier. It lets you group devices, assign teams by location, and deactivate missing or stolen translators.

Real-Time Reports: Get insights into how people in your organization are communicating. It can help you understand your staff’s needs and help with future hires. See stats like your total devices, number of translations, and languages translated to and from.

Security: This Pocketalk device manager safeguards personal and business data with security that goes beyond the industry standards.

Make communication inside your company effortless with the Pocketalk Ventana!

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