Microsoft Cloud Hack Exposed More Than Exchange, Outlook Emails

Researchers at cloud security startup Wiz have an urgent warning for organizations running Microsoft’s M365 platform: That stolen Microsoft Azure AD enterprise signing key gave Chinese hackers access to data beyond Exchange Online and “Our researchers concluded that the compromised MSA key could have allowed the threat actor to …

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how do I keep my kids’ personal data safe?

Kids Online Why is kids’ personal information in high demand, how do criminals steal it, and what can parents do to help prevent child identity theft? 17 Jul 2023  •  , 5 min. read Total identity fraud losses in the US were estimated at a whopping $43bn last year. While …

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Shedding light on AceCryptor and its operation

ESET researchers reveal details about a prevalent cryptor, operating as a cryptor-as-a-service used by tens of malware families In this blogpost we examine the operation of AceCryptor, originally documented by Avast. This cryptor has been around since 2016 and because – throughout its existence – it has been used to …

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