Analogue 3D is 100% compatible with N64 cartridges

Play Nintendo 64 in 4K with the Analogue 3D reimagined 4K N64 console. This new gaming gadget is fully compatible with the N64 cartridges. Discover it.


100% Compatibility: Give new life to your N64 cartridges using this new gaming console. It’s 100% compatible with the games.

4K Output: What’s more, this new take on a classic console delivers your favorite games in stunning 4K resolution. Get ready to experience Mario Kart and 007 as never before!

Original Display Modes: Then, the N64 gaming gadget even offers reference-quality recreations of model CRTs and PVMs.

Original-Style Controller Ports: Moreover, this feature allows you to use the original controllers if you prefer.

Play N64 Games on a Modern TV: Best of all, this gaming console enables you to play your favorite N64 games on a modern TV.


Bring N64 to the digital era with this N64 gaming console!

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