YouTuber Myka Stauffer Loses Partnership With Several Companies Including Kate Hudson's Fabletics

YouTuber Myka Stauffer Loses Partnership With Several Companies Including Kate Hudson's Fabletics


After creating a video last week updating her followers about her and her husband’s decision to “rehome” their four-year-old adopted son, Myka Stauffer has received massive backlash and even lost thousands of her subscribers. Now, she has lost a few partnerships with brands she used to work with, including Kate Hudson’s activewear company, Fabletics.

(Photo : Fabletics/Facebook)
Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, has stopped working with YouTube personality Myka Stauffer.

Fabletics and Barbie Stops Working with Myka Stauffer

In a report by FOX News, the actress has confirmed the termination of Stauffer’s and her company’s partnership in the comments section of an Instagram post.

Besides Fabletics, Mattel/Barbie has also decided to stop their partnership with Myka Stauffer and her family, including her husband James and their four biological children.

The confirmation also happened on Instagram.

“Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concern. We are not currently working with the Stauffer family and do not have plans to partner with them in the future,” Barbie wrote.

Another company, Sauve, has followed suit and explained that they have only started working with the Stauffer family in “fall 2019 as a limited engagement,” and it seems like they aren’t going to continue working with them.

Besides, Playtex Baby has also followed suit.

The company responded to several comments explaining that Stauffer’s post for them on Instagram was made in February, but that they are no longer interested in working with her after the controversy.

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More Companies Followed Suit

According to PEOPLE Magazine, several other companies have also confirmed that they will stop working with the Stauffer family.

Companies like Big Lots, Chili’s, and Danimals have also confirmed that they are dropping their partnership with the YouTube personality and will no longer work with her moving forward.

The companies Myka Stauffer has tagged on several of her Instagram posts also spoke about the issue and made it clear that they are not affiliated with her.

TechTimes has previously reported that Stauffer has lost around 6000 subscribers at the time of writing and can lose more than 70,000 views on average per week just mere days after she uploaded the video, and with the termination of several partnerships, it could drastically drop the personality’s earnings.

The Controversy

Stauffer received massive backlash from her followers as well as other moms after she revealed that she has “rehomed” her adopted son, who suffers from several issues and has special needs.

Stauffer and her husband were not aware of the conditions the child had and were not told about it–that is why they weren’t prepared to meet all his needs–although they said they did everything they could to provide for their son, Huxley.

Meanwhile, their lawyers have also issued a statement, saying that after everything was considered, the Stauffer family and Huxley’s adoption agency believed that the young child should be rehomed to the perfect family for his needs.

Nevertheless, it didn’t sit well with many people, primarily as Stauffer’s content focused on parenting, with some even creating online petitions urging the YouTuber to delete or demonetize Huxley’s videos on her channel, especially his adoption process.

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