Yamaha Clavinova 295 is a piano and techer in one

Learn to play piano with the Yamaha Clavinova CSP-925 digital piano. This musical instrument has stream lights that teach you how to play.


Intuitive Operation with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist App: This intuitive app grants you detailed control, allowing you to select desired instrument sounds, switch between virtual performance spaces, and tailor your acoustic environment.

Stream Lights Illuminate the Keys: Enhancing the playing experience, Stream Lights guide you through your practice sessions by illuminating the keys to play next.

Rich Library of Preset Songs: The Clavinova CSP-295 boasts an extensive lineup of preset songs, ranging from popular tunes to practice exercises.

Audio to Score Feature: Simply upload MP3s or other audio song data, and the app generates chord charts with over 50 accompaniment options tailored to your playing level.


Have concert grands at your fingertips with the CSP-295!

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