Top 10 features to try out with the iOS 17 public beta

Considering testing out the iOS 17 public beta? From the new smart display mode to new health features, interactive widgets to a new Messages experience, Live Voicemail to offline Apple Maps, and more, here are the top 10 iOS 17 features you should try out.

Update 8/28: At this point in the beta period, iOS 17 is quite stable, so it’s a nice time to have fun with all the new features ahead of the official launch without giving up stability.

iOS 17 has been in testing with developers since early June and the public beta launched in July.

But it is still a beta, so don’t forget to make an iOS 16 backup for your iPhone just in case you want to downgrade. With that said, I haven’t experienced any major issues in the last two months of testing iOS 17.

Alright, let’s dig into the best iOS 17 features!

Top 10 features to try out with the iOS 17 beta

  1. StandBy mode
  2. Contact Posters
  3. Live Voicemail
  4. Personal Voice
  5. Offline Apple Maps
  6. Share Passwords with friends, family, and colleagues
  7. Automatically delete iPhone 2FA codes
  8. Interactive widgets
  9. Messages new UI and stickers
  10. Screen Distance for eye health

iPhone StandBy mode

Apple enhances the Lock Screen experience this year in iOS 17 with the new landscape StandBy mode for iPhone.

Some of the available options include dual-view, customizable setups while others have different clock faces that take up the whole screen. Check out all the details in our full walkthrough:

Contact Posters

Another neat way iOS 17 gets more customization is Contact Posters. There are lots of ways to create different designs and you can make them for yourself as well as others.

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail makes it easy to know if you’d like to pick up a call while someone is leaving a message without having to call them back.

Personal Voice

Personal Voice is an impressive capability that lets users bank their voice in the event they lose it in the future. Whether for those with a degenerative disease or if you just like to be prepared, Personal Voice makes it easy to create and securely store a replica of your voice.

Offline Apple Maps

Want to save battery or won’t have a connection where you’re going? With iOS 17 you can download Apple Maps for offline use.

Shared passwords

Password sharing with anyone or any group is seamless with the ability to create shared iCloud Keychain vaults.

Automatically delete 2FA codes

Simple and very useful, iOS 17 can automatically delete 2FA code texts after you’ve used them.

Interactive widgets

Widgets get a nice upgrade with functionality right on your Home or Lock Screen. Here’s a look at them in action with the Home app widget.

Messages stickers and new UI

Instead of emoji responses being limited to the six tapback choices, with iOS 17 you can respond to any text or image with an emoji or custom sticker.

Along with that, there’s a new UI for iMessage apps.

Screen Distance

This is a new eye health feature that helps prevent eye strain for all ages and helps reduce the likelihood of myopia for children.

It’s easy to set up and very effective.

Ok, one bonus feature. But this one requires signing up for an Apple Developer account and installing Xcode on your Mac (which is free but more involved):

AirPods Pro 2 Adaptive Audio

Coming with iOS 17 are a range of new capabilities for AirPods Pro that really feel like magic. Check out a closer look at Adaptive Audio with AirPods Pro 2.

What do you think? What are your favorite features of iOS 17? Did I miss any that you love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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