This workplace expression display device shows what’s going on

Make sure anyone who visits you at work knows how you feel when you have the Busy Tag workplace expression display device. This gadget adds fun and functionality to your workday.


Color display: The high-resolution 262K color display boasts a 240 x 280 resolution.
Built-in busy light: Change the light from green to red to show that you’re free or busy.
Great for the office: Use it to show your colleagues that you’re occupied—or available—in a fun way. Share useful messages, statuses, videos, and GIFs.
Drag-and-drop technology: Simply drag-and-drop pictures or GIFs to Busy Tag without installing any software.
Extended functionality: Enjoy tailor-made color patterns and other features when you connect to the app.


Busy Tag offers a fun way to showcase pretty much anything you want!

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