This wireless pool cleaner is powerful and avoids obstacles

Bid farewell to endless pool chores and hello to poolside relaxation. Meet the Sublue BlueNexus, your ticket to effortless pool care!

Tired of the hassle of cleaning your pool? Then check out the BlueNexus. This AI wireless pool cleaner has a cordless design, advanced 3D mapping, and a robust 165W motor, delivering a sparkling clean pool.

Pools are wonderful in hot weather, but they require a lot of maintenance. I speak from experience. As a pool owner, I know all too well about the daily skimming of debris and weekly vacuuming, as well as the end- and beginning-of-season deep cleans.

But those chores can be in your past with the BlueNexus pool cleaner. Thanks to its advanced sensors and cordless design, this AI device does all the work for you.

In particular, the company touts the product’s 3D mapping, 165W motor, and innovative cordless design. Interested? Then, let’s dive in and check out this new pool cleaner!

BlueNexus in a video

Get pool mapping and underwater navigation

So, what powers this wireless pool cleaner? It’s a system called Geoguru, the command center for the robot’s mapping and navigation.

Yes, using ultrasonic tech, advanced SLAM, and infrared lasers, this underwater robot features 12 sensors that offer obstacle detection and pool wall protection.

It’s a fancy combination of smarts. And they make it so you don’t have to worry about the robot scratching and scuffing the walls.

Enjoy a long, 3.5-hour runtime

What’s more, BlueNexus offers a remarkable 3.5-hour runtime on a single charge. That means you can clean the most challenging pool tasks without interruption.

Moreover, it’s easy to recharge this smart pool cleaner. It takes just 3.5 hours, which is pretty minimal downtime. So you could use the cleaner in the morning, before you take a dip, then charge it while you swim.

By the time you finish swimming for the day, the machine will be charged and ready to clean up after any dirt, bugs, and sludge that may have accumulated.

BlueNexus pool cleaner
BlueNexus beside a pool

Choose cleaning modes tailored to your needs

Interestingly, BlueNexus offers a range of cleaning modes to suit your specific requirements:

  • Smart Cleaning: Geoguru technology crafts a detailed map and plans an optimal cleaning route, leaving no spot untouched. Expect your pool to be cleaned up to 8 times faster than conventional cleaners.
  • Floor Cleaning: BlueNexus navigates gracefully in an S-shaped pattern, ensuring a thorough cleaning of your desired area.
  • Wall Cleaning: The wireless pool cleaner cleanses the walls and waterline, ensuring a spotless pool from top to bottom.
  • All-round Cleaning: BlueNexus takes care of the floor, walls, and waterline during a chosen time span.
  • Remote Control Cleaning: Use the companion app to control BlueNexus and watch your pool become spotless, effortlessly.
BlueNexus pool cleaner
BlueNexus near an inground pool

Go for exceptional pool cleaning performance

Moreover, this AI pool cleaner provides more than an automated clean. It goes above and beyond to ensure that each clean is effective.

How? Well, thanks to a powerful 165W motor, BlueNexus offers an astonishing cleaning speed of 17 sq. meters per hour.

So whether your pool is large or small, its specialized rolling brush ensures no spot is left untouched. Whether you have leaves or specks of dirt in your pool, BlueNexus can handle them with its cyclone vacuum technology.

Say goodbye to tangled cords

One of my biggest hangups about robotic pool cleaners is their long cords. Often, it takes more time to untangle them than it would to clean the pool myself.

Well, that’s one step you can cross off your to-do list with the BlueNexus. Simply drop the robot into your pool and let it do its work. It’s cordless design makes operations super simple.

There’s nothing to unravel or ravel, and you don’t have to worry about yourself or your family members tripping over an unexpected wire.

Get effortless pool operation and maintenance

Versatile Pool Compatibility: Another feature I love about this wireless pool cleaner is its versatility. Designed for pools up to 3m deep and suitable for water temperatures ranging from 5C (41F) to 35C (95F), BlueNexus works with salt-water, chlorine, and freshwater pools.

It also adapts to cement, fiberglass, and vinyl surfaces. So, pretty much any pool is fair game for this underwater gadget.

Large-Capacity Filter: And what pool owner doesn’t appreciate a large-capacity filter? The BlueNexus has one, capturing more debris for efficient and comprehensive cleaning.

Smart App and OTA Updates: Even better, you can control and monitor the BlueNexus through its intuitive smartphone app. Automatic Over-the-Air (OTA) remote updates ensure this wireless pool gadget always has the latest performance enhancements.

Enjoy your pool in a smarter way

If you’re like me and value every precious moment spent in your pool, the BlueNexus is an absolute game-changer. No more daily skimming, weekly vacuuming, or deep-cleaning marathons at the start and end of the season. BlueNexus takes the hassle out of pool maintenance and lets you truly enjoy your pool.

The Geoguru-powered mapping and navigation system ensures that your pool walls are protected from scratches and scuffs while delivering a thorough cleaning. With an impressive 3.5-hour runtime and quick 3.5-hour recharge time, you can maximize your pool time.

So, bid adieu to the pool maintenance blues and dive into the future of pool care with the Sublue BlueNexus. It’s not just a pool cleaner; it’s a means to a cleaner, smarter, and more enjoyable pool experience.

Love the BlueNexus? Preorder it today on Kickstarter for $649!

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