This vanish laser TV has a rollable screen

Make every movie, show, and documentary cinematic with the AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV. It appears and disappears on command and offers 100- and 120-inch screen sizes. Have a look.


Modular Design: Apartment-dwellers rejoice! This TV’s modular design ensures it’s elevator-friendly!

Rollable Technology: What’s more, the large screen appears and disappears at your command.

3D Display: Enter a new world with a pair of active-shutter DLP link 3D glasses. Your content will pop out in 3D Blu-ray for immersive entertainment at home.

MEMC Technology: What’s more, this TV offers smooth content and transitions.

Game Mode: In Game Mode, you get a low lag time of 30 ms with 4K and 17 ms with 1080P resolution.

Eye-Safe: Safe for your eyes, you can play games all day on this laser TV without a worry.


Treat yourself to incredible content with the AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV!

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