This tiny inkless pen attaches to your keychain & never needs an ink refill

Attach an ingenious solution to your keychain: the ForeverPen tiny inkless pen. In fact, it will ensure you always have a writing instrument with you.


Multipurpose: You can write with it, cut open boxes with precision, and even dive with it to write underwater.
Durable: Engineered for fire-resistance, it went through a machine-milling process for exceptional durability.
Precise: The pen delivers millimeter-level precision in a compact package.
Reduces waste: Say goodbye to losing pens and hello to making a positive impact on the environment.
Compact: ForeverPen measures a mere 1 inch in length, and ForeverPen Pro extends to 2.5 inches, ensuring portability without compromise.


Finally, it uses nontoxic silver composite tips and Grade 5 titanium body, free from heavy metals.

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