This stainless steel reusable toothbrush has replaceable, recyclable heads

Take your eco-friendly lifestyle to the next level when you have the Singular Toothbrush stainless steel reusable toothbrush. Designed to challenge the use of plastic products, the brand has a mission to reduce oral care waste to zero, starting with a reusable toothbrush.

– This is a sustainable stainless steel toothbrush with replaceable and recyclable heads.
– The toothbrush materials are high quality and food grade.
– Its sleek look is sure to look great in any bathroom.
– A modern approach to zero-waste oral care, it promotes the ideas of reusing, reducing, and recycling.
– In fact, you can reuse the stainless steel handle for your entire life thanks to its lifetime guarantee.
– The company reduces production resources, materials, space, and packaging by around 80%.
– You can recycle the antimicrobial elastomer used on the heads completely and easily.

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