This smart motion unit for videos creates time lapses and more

Take your videos to the next level with the edelkrone HeadONE—a pocket-sized, highly intelligent motion unit.


Modular Design: The HeadONE’s modular design ensures your equipment is as adaptable as your creativity.

Pan Functionality: Get smooth pans for panoramic videos, 360º photos, and motion time-lapses.

Pan + Tilt Capability: Pair two HeadONE units (Tilt Module required) for automatic pairing and control via the edelkrone App.

Hands-On or Remote Control: Set angles manually or command remotely via the edelkrone App.

Phone Mode with Face Tracking: Get Face Tracking using the Phone Mode with your iPhone. Whether using a single or dual HeadONEs, the camera follows the subject’s face.

Recording Options: Attach your phone directly to HeadONE for smooth panning and tilting while leveraging Face Tracking capabilities.

Camera Recording: Attach your phone to your camera’s hot shoe and while recording to your camera.


Unlock recording possibilities with this motion unit.

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