This low-profile mechanical keyboard is as thin as a MacBook Air

Experience smoother typing with the Lofree Edge low-profile mechanical keyboard. It redefines slimness and lightweight design.


Kailh POM Switch 2.0: With the Kailh POM Switch 2.0, this keyboard offers a smooth and ultra-slim profile. Enjoy shortened travel to 2.4mm and reduced thickness by 18% to 9.8mm.

PCB-Gasket Mount Design: The gasket mount provides a lightweight build without compromising on feel, providing a library-friendly typing experience.

Zero Emission Concept: Lofree utilizes leftover carbon fiber boards to create an additional panel mount called “Zero,” promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

No Greasy Keycaps: What’s more, the PBT keycaps are non greasy and provide superior durability and comfort.

Minimal Latency: With a 1000Hz polling rate in wired mode, the Edge keyboard offers minimal latency, making it suitable for competitive gaming and ensuring a responsive user experience.


Take your setup to the next level with this slim keyboard!

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