This low-maintenance planter has a soil-free design

Stop killing plants and grow a gorgeous indoor garden with the Dew Plants low-maintenance planter. Its soil-free design is easy to care for and keeps your plants healthy.


Mess-free design: This soil-free planter eliminates the mess and hassle of traditional potting soil planting.

Once per month care: Meanwhile, you only need to water Dew Plants once per month. That way, you can have beautiful plants even if you’re crazy busy.

Soilless design: Instead of soil, the bug-free planter nurtures plants in mineral-rich German baked clay. This enhances water absorption and oxygenation, so roots are healthier with reduced risk of rot.

Tailored Care: Get detailed care instructions for your plants from the official website.


Watch your indoor garden thrive with the Dew Plants soil-free planter!

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