This high-quality speaker works on its own or synced with up to 7 others

Bring the beauty of of the Monolith into smaller spaces with the Nocs Design Mini high-quality speaker. While it offers a similar look and sound, it has a smaller format.


Scan Speak drivers: These high-end speaker drivers come from a Denmark-based company, which delivers a high-caliber speaker performance.
Custom-tuned subwoofer: Giving you a rich bass response, it ensures you deal with less distortion.
Sorbothane damping: Offered in the base of the Mini, these pads curb vibrations for a stable sound quality.
Thoughtful materials: Crafted with CNC-machined MDF and using 2 layers of structural, durable matte paint, this speaker also has internal bracing for acoustic integrity.
Sleek look: It has an anodized aluminum plate that covers the passive radiator. This way, you can view the perforated pixel pattern.


Overall, you can sync it with 7 other Mini speakers to benefit from richer sound all over your home or office.

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