This Chip Will Create '6G' That'll Allow Users to Download 47 Films...

This Chip Will Create '6G' That'll Allow Users to Download 47 Films in One Second


Can you imagine simultaneously downloading almost 50 movies in one second, inside your PC? Now, it is nearly possible. A group of scientists recently created a silicon nano-chip that will create the ultra-fastest ‘6G’ technology. That’s right! Before you even get a hold of 5G, scientists are now formulating its competitor. Here’s how it works. 

Is ‘6G’ real?

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This Chip Will Create ‘6G’ That’ll Allow Users to Download 47 Films in One Second

If you ask any tech experts today about 6G, you will get an answer to uncertainty. That is because 6G technology is not yet created, and may not be easily developed, unlike the 5G. 

However, today, this may change. According to, a group of scientists from both prominent universities, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and Osaka University in Japan, recently developed a nano-chip that could possibly soon create the ‘6G’ tech.

Using the concept called Photonic Topological Insulators (PTI), researchers were able to create a small silicon-chip with rows of triangular holes, and small triangles, which said to be able to transmit terahertz (THz) waves. 

“By employing THz technology, it can potentially boost intra-chip and inter-chip communication to support Artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies, such as interconnected self-driving cars, which will need to transmit data quickly to other nearby cars and infrastructure to navigate better and also to avoid accidents,” said Assoc Prof Ranjan Singh. 

Terahertz waves result in a data rate of 11 Gigabits per second (Gbit/s), which is faster than an average 5G tech that only supports 10 Gigabits per second. 

In layman’s term, this chip will be able to support real-time streaming of 4K high-definition video. To also make it clearer, this chip is one step ahead to create the 6G tech.

According to Digital Trends, a 6G technology is so far the fastest data rate imaginable in the world. Once 6G tech can be transmitted in smartphones, you can forget the promise of 5G for a few seconds waiting to download one movie. 

6G can be able to download 142 hours of Netflix films in one second. That means you can easily save as much as 47 films in your gadgets in 1000 millisecond.

Are we really getting this fast internet?

This Chip Will Create '6G' That'll Allow Users to Download 47 Films in One Second

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A woman wearing a face mask enters a Huawei store with 5G signs at a shopping mall, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Beijing, China August 3, 2020. Picture taken August 3, 2020.

Since companies and developers are now only focusing on 5G tech, it is impossible to get the 6G tech at a faster time. After all, the scientists only have the chip to support it– not the whole system figured out itself. Still, this is great news for the tech industry. Are you ready for the future?  

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