This all-in-one soccer sock has built-in shin guards

Take your game to new heights with the MediCaptain all-in-one soccer sock. This innovative sock provides players with all the protection they need on the field!


Built-in shin guards: Designed to protect your shins, its shin guard consists of durable honeycomb silicone for lightweight yet solid protection.
Grip technology: Additionally, the anti-slip rubber beneath the sock eliminates the need for a secondary grip sock. It actually has grips on both the inside and outside of the sock, maximizing slip prevention
Shock-protective foot padding: This innovative addition protects the metatarsal region. It reduces the pain of potential injuries and absorbs the impact from opposing players’ stomps and cleats.
All-in-one design: You no longer have to purchase 4 or 5 pieces of equipment. The MediCaptain does it all!
2 Models: In addition to the MediCaptain Ultimate, the MediCaptain Lite is a mid-calf sock that comes with no shin guard.


Overall, created by soccer players for soccer players, this patent-pending soccer sock provides coverage to multiple parts of your feet.

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