This AirTag Fabric Mount affixes to different fabrics

Bring security and versatility to your belongings with the Elevation Lab TagVault AirTag Fabric Mount.


Ultra-Secure: Offers improved security compared to loose AirTags in pockets or dangling outside bags.

Flexible: Conforms to the mounted surface, ensuring a snug fit.

Discreet: Doesn’t openly advertise itself as an AirTag case.

KnockProof: Engineered to withstand impacts from items inside a bag.

Adheres to Synthetic Fabrics: Holds onto nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubberized fabrics, and GORE-TEX materials.

Easy Installation: Mounts in seconds with a simple peel, stick, and press into place method.

Durable Construction: Withstands the rigors of daily use, maintaining adhesion strength even after 24 hours. Removable but not intended for reuse.


With this fabric mount, you can trust that your tracker is securely attached and discreetly protected wherever you go.

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