This AI tablet by ZTE doesn’t require eyewear

Make your calls, games, and more 3-dimensional with the ZTE nubia Pad 3D AI tablet. This cutting-edge tablet brings a whole new dimension to your digital experience. Here are the features that make it noteworthy.


Revolutionary 3D Technology: The nubia Pad 3D utilizes unique 3D lightfield technology. This lets it deliver stunning visual effects. An,d with AI Face-Tracking, it adapts to various 3D application scenarios and provides real-time AI-based 2D to 3D content conversion.

Immersive Audio and Visual Experience: Featuring a 12.4-inch 2.5K screen and 4-corner symmetrical Dolby surround sound speakers, this AI tablet offers an immersive audio and visual experience.

Powerful Performance: The nubia Pad 3D is powered by the Snapdragon 8 series chipset, ensuring exceptional performance. With its 9,070 mAh battery and 33W fast charger, you can enjoy extended usage without worrying about running out of power.


Discover a new dimension of entertainment and creativity with the ZTE nubia Pad 3D!

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