This AI-planning robotic arm boasts 7 DoF and requires no code

Enjoy incredibly intuitive control of the Lucid ONE AI-planning robotic arm. Not only does it provide 7 degrees of freedom, but it also boasts totally code-free technology. That’s in addition to a slew of other features!

– Its lightweight build makes it easily portable for use anywhere.
– Providing intuitive control, it responds when you simply squeeze the controller and place it exactly where you want.
– It boasts drag to teach, visual cognition, gesture control, and trajectory auto-correction.
– It supports any programming language by UDP protocol.
– The latest AI visual ranging and inertial measurement technology works with AMBER L1’s motion auto-correction for precise movements.
– It offers 1 Khz control frequency.
– The robot has 1–210 Nm peak torque capability.

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