This 3D LiDAR robot lawnmower offers precise & efficient maintenance

Benefit from easier lawn maintenance with the KOWOLL M28E 3D LiDAR robot lawnmower. Precise and efficient, this revolutionary gadget makes your life run more smoothly.


– 3D LiDAR SLAM technology: This Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) system achieves centimeter-level high-precision positioning. In fact, it can even handle complex scenarios like near trees, tall buildings, or corners.
RTK-GPS and multisensor fusion: It combines RTK-GPS with multisensor fusion positioning. Moreover, it detects and avoids obstacles in real-time, ensuring safety in your yard.
Virtual boundaries: Using a user-friendly app, you can set virtual boundaries to define the areas you want the mower to cover.
Optimal mowing route: It autonomously plans the most efficient mowing route.


Finally, it can mow multiple areas, adjust the cutter height, work with a variety of terrains, and more.

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