This 11-in-1 docking station freed up my cluttered workspace, and it’s 40% off

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ZDNET’s key takeaways

  • The Baseus 11-in-1 Spacemate docking station, regularly priced at $199, is currently 40% off on Amazon, at $119.
  • It’s a well-made, reliable docking station with a space-saving design that allows you to declutter your desk.
  • It doesn’t have Thunderbolt support, and I wish the front LCD panel provided more information.

There is no shortage of docking stations on the market, but they all have a common issue: they tend to be large and bulky. The assumption seems to be that everyone has ample desk space to dedicate a significant portion of their real estate to a dock.

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What if you’re looking to save space with a docking station, or you just prefer a minimalist setup? Previously, this proved to be a rather ambitious ask, until I came across a docking station that bridges both worlds: the Baseus 11-in-1 Spacemate docking station, which combines connectivity with a space-saving form factor.

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Baseus 11-in-1 Spacemate docking station tech specs

  • Ports: 2 x HDMI (4K@60fps max), 2 x DisplayPort (4K@60fps max), USB-C and 2 x USB-A 10Gbps data ports, USB-A 2.0, 100W PD, 1Gbps Ethernet port with support for WOL (Wake On LAN) and PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment), 3.5mm auxiliary jack supporting 24bit/96Hz
  • Embedded LED intelligent digital display
  • Support for three additional displays on Windows (MacOS supports one additional display)
  • 4.84 x 2.59 x 2.59 inches
  • 1.07 pounds

This dock takes a unique approach by adopting a tower configuration, which builds upwards rather than outwards, thus minimizing its footprint on your desk. To ensure stability and prevent it from toppling over and causing damage and mayhem, it features a detachable magnetic base equipped with a “nano adhesive” pad. 

This design allows the dock to remain securely anchored to your desk, while also offering the flexibility to detach it from the base and take it with you. The detachable base is particularly useful for those who appreciate a tidy, space-efficient setup but still require the functionality of a full docking station.

Detachable magnetic base

The detachable magnetic base is a clever design element.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

The dock also features a display on the front with an at-a-glance operating status for each interface. While this is a nice touch, the amount of information displayed is quite limited. It would be more useful if the display showed more details, such as connection speeds and power transfer data, to give users a better understanding of the dock’s performance.

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Additionally, there is a screen lock button located on the top of the dock. By tapping it once on Windows PCs or twice on Macs, you can quickly lock the display. This feature is particularly handy for creating instant privacy, ensuring that sensitive information can be swiftly and easily — albeit rather obviously — protected.

As for the ports, these are what you’d expect from a docking station, offering a selection of USB-C, USB-A, DisplayPort, HDMI, and 3.5 mm audio. There’s also a fixed 12-inch braided cable — long enough to be useful, but short enough to not be unwieldly.

Ports, ports, ports!

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNET

As with all Baseus products that I’ve tested, this is a quality product made to appeal to a broad audience. In my hands-on experience with the device, I found that everything worked as promised on the spec sheets, and the dock is reliable in day-to-day use. I did notice that it got warm under a demanding load, but this only occurred when I was pushing it hard during testing, and wasn’t hot enough to worry about. 

ZDNET’s buying advice

The Baseus 11-in-1 Spacemate docking station is normally priced at $199, but right now it’s 40% off, coming to just $119. Overall, this is a solid option for extending your USB-C port while keeping your desk tidy, and given the specs and build quality, $119 is a total steal.

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