These origami solar panels travel with ease

Power your adventures with the Levante Origami Solar Panels. These portable solar panels combine powerful performance with a foldable design.


Lightweight and Compact: These foldable solar panels are 20% lighter than similar products, thanks to their carbon fiber material. They are also 40% more compact when folded than traditional tri and quadri-folding panels. This makes them incredibly portable and easy to carry.

Rigid Structure: When unfolded, these solar gadgets offer a rigid structure that’s stable and durable. This ensures reliable performance even in challenging environments.

Environmentally Friendly: The Levante Solar Panels are made in Italy using sustainable practices and materials.

Tested and Approved: Tested and developed with nautical and outdoor experts, these portable solar panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, wind, and saltwater exposure.


Whether you’re camping, sailing, hiking, or traveling, the Origami Solar Panels provide a reliable source of renewable energy!

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