These Electric Guitars for kids have a 3-string design

Treat your child to the Fender X Loog Electric Guitars for kids! They combine Loog’s 3-string design with the iconic Fender guitar designs. They offer big sound in a small size. Check them out:


Easy-to-Play: Thanks to the 3-string design, this kids’ guitar collection reduces chords to triads or just 3 notes. This simplifies the learning process.

Standard Design: What’s more, these 3-string guitars feature standard guitar strings and tuning. So making the jump to a 6-string is easy.

Real Wood: Even better, this collection uses real wood. This allows them to have a beautiful sound for their size and price.

Loog App: Moreover, the free Loog Guitar App gives you access to video lessons, a digital songbook, and a tuner.

2 Designs: Choose from either a Telecaster or Stratocaster design.


Encourage your child’s curiosity about music with these Electric Guitars for kids

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