The WCK Backpack 2.0 is a carrier device for mobility

Go where wheelchairs can’t with the We Cary Kevan WCK Backpack 2.0. This carrier device helps people with disabilities get around more easily with the help of friends and family. Check it out:


Adjustable Harness: This gadget adjusts to the carrier’s height. It has a hip belt that’s easy to tighten.

Side Entry Buckles: What’s more, side entry buckles make accessing the seat easy for the rider.

Safe Design: This carrier backpack has passed rigorous tests and exceeds both federal and state standards for safety.

Sun Shelter: Moreover, the rider stays protected from the sun thanks to a removable, adjustable sun shelter.

Lateral Support: Then, removable padding around the sides of the rib area adds more comfort.

Rider Harness: This feature fits snuggly and is easy to use.


Get flexibility when you’re out with the We Cary Kevan WCK Backpack 2.0.

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