The T11 Pro Smart Mattress by DeRUCCI has 23 sleep/health AI sensors

Treat yourself to an exceptional mattress with the DeRUCCI AI series T11 Pro Smart Mattress. This award-winning mattress offers a comprehensive sleep experience.


Smart Sleep Tracking: The mattress includes 23 AI sensors to monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature, and health changes. It generates personalized reports and recommendations for improved sleep quality.

Adaptive Comfort: Featuring 18 flexible air support units, it adjusts instantly to body movements without disturbing your partner. The Tidal Algorithm ensures optimal firmness and support for different positions.

Temperature Control and Health Insights: Utilizing graphene far-infrared heat technology, the mattress regulates temperature intelligently for enhanced comfort. It also provides AI-based health warnings, analyzing sleep data to offer early alerts for potential chronic diseases.

Seamless IoT Integration: Connects with other smart home devices, controlling bedroom appliances for a holistic sleep environment.


Get a comfortable night’s sleep and stats about it with this intelligent mattress.

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