The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch: New Control Features, 30 FPS Frame...

The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch: New Control Features, 30 FPS Frame Rate, and More


After its success on the three major platforms, Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is being ported to the Nintendo Switch and will be launched on its new home this June 5. 

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The Outer Worlds is being ported to Nintendo Switch and will be available on the platform on June 5.

But, what can fans expect with the port–specifically with its look and gameplay experience?

The Outer Worlds on Switch

In a report by GameSpot, Obsidian is targeting a frame rate of 30 frames per second (FPS), making it one of the most significant changes of the game compared to when it was on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Nevertheless, owners and fans of the Switch are likely expecting it given that the console is not the most powerful and is often deemed as a handheld portable gaming console despite being a hybrid, which means it can be connected to a monitor as well.

Moreover, it will run on 1080p when the console is docked at 720p undocked.

The Outer Worlds’ production director Eric DeMilt further spoke about the changes we’ll be seeing.

For instance, the developers “tuned sensitivity, exposed some inputs to users in the settings menu, tweaked and iterated aim to assist values, and added support for gyro aiming, and sticky targeting.”

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Tuning the Game’s Controls

Gyro aiming is popular with several first-person shooters like Wolfenstein IIDOOM, and more, giving users more fun and ease with their gameplay experience as they only have to move around their Switch to aim.

The production director also disclosed that much of their time was spent on tuning the controls of the game to increase its playability on the console.

Although The Outer Worlds is not precisely an FPS game since it’s classified as a role-playing game or an RPG title, it does have FPS elements, making the gyro aim extremely helpful.

Obsidian is “Very Happy” With the Porting of the Title

“Porting a game with thousands of assets designed to be loaded and displayed on current-gen PCs and consoles with the power to display in 4k made streaming and visual fidelity a challenge on a handheld,” DeMilt said in an interview with Nintendo Everything.

Nevertheless, Obsidian is happy with how their title looks and feels on Nintendo Switch, giving fans more hope that they’ll have as much fun with the game on their Switch as they did on other major consoles.

As of now, there are still no videos on how The Outer Worlds will look like on Switch, but fans are expecting to see a sneak peek in a few more days as the roll-out day gets closer.

Virtuos is handling the process of porting the Obsidian RPG game to the console.

So far, Switch ports are incredibly successful, with the most recent being The Witcher 3, which fans are extremely happy about despite occasional issues with the visual quality.

The Outer Worlds is an action RPG with a first-person perspective that focuses on a space drifter that woke up years after deep sleep on a strange planet. It has multiple endings, and some of the choices you make in the game could determine what type of ending you can get.

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