The Best Video Game Deals (September 2023): Xbox, PC, Switch, PlayStation

Forget worn-out WASD keys. The true hallmark of being a gamer is a never-ending list of games you want to play. Working through a wish list can get expensive, but with a little patience, it’s pretty easy to come across cheap games for every system, whether it’s an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch. We hunted down the best game deals we could find for every console and gaming subscription service, and we’ll be updating this story every month with a fresh batch of discounts. 

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Updated September 17, 2023: We’ve updated this post with entirely new deals.

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Where Can I Find Game Deals?

Retailers often don’t list an end date for video game deals, which means they can end at any time. Price tracking tools like Camelcamelcamel can be helpful for setting up price drop alerts, but they don’t always work on digital-only titles, and they don’t work with every store. Our advice? Check sale sections at major retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart

What’s a good deal? A good rule of thumb is to aim for $40 or less for a recently released AAA title, and $20 or less for older, still popular titles. If a game is brand-spanking-new, and you don’t want to wait, any discount is potentially worthwhile. Video game sales pop up frequently, so be patient and do your price research before clicking Add to Cart.

Nintendo Switch Game Deals

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