The 4th Gen GaN Travel Adapter with a stable charging frequency

Charging multiple devices while traveling just got easier and effortless with the SWIFT PRO 140W 4th Gen GaN Travel Adapter. With a stable charging frequency, it offers smarter wattage distribution across different devices.


4th Generation GaN Tech: With the latest Gallium Nitrite technology, this adapter stabilizes the current during charging and manages heat distribution more effectively. As a result, it improves the performance of devices and also helps in increasing their lifespan.

140W per port: It not only offers 140W to every port and charge five devices simultaneously but also ensures to convert the voltage of an outlet to the voltage required by your device.

Removable data cable/strap: This strap makes it super easy and convenient to use the cable on the adapter as well as the device required for charging.

Use in over 150+ countries: Made for avid travelers, this adapter can work easily across 150+ countries around the world.


Available in three classic colors, this compact travel adapter is packed with features to make charging devices the easiest task of your day while traveling.

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