Telegram brings Power Saving Mode to its iOS app

Telegram recently introduced a new feature called Power Saving Mode for its Mac users. As the name suggests, the option disables some animations so that the app consumes less power. Now this same option is coming to iPhone and iPad users with the latest update to Telegram for iOS.

Telegram’s Power Saving Mode coming to iOS

As described by Telegram in a blog post, Power Saving Mode not only saves battery life, but also improve app performance on older devices. When the feature is on, Telegram also disables things like auto-playing videos, GIFs, and other interface effects.

Similar to the Mac app, Telegram users on iOS can set Power Saving Mode to automatically turn on when the battery reaches a specific level of charge; there are also options to customize which animations are disabled with Power Saving Mode. The new mode can be found under the Power Saving menu in the Telegram app settings.

Telegram’s beautiful animations and lightweight effects are optimized to make any phone feel powerful, but can now be disabled to extend battery life and improve performance on older devices.

Power Saving Mode can be set to automatically turn on when your battery reaches a certain percent – with individual toggles that let you disable specific effects.

But that’s not the only new feature coming with the Telegram update for iOS. The app now lets users set a specific playback speed for audios and videos. Simply tap and hold the playback speed button to choose a speed other than the default ones.

In addition, Telegram is adding reading time alerts for small groups, auto-send invite links, dynamic order for sticker packs, improved folder support on iOS, and new animated emoji for Telegram Premium subscribers. Earlier this year, Telegram launched another new feature exclusive to Premium subscribers that lets users translate entire chats directly from the conversation.

Telegram is free and available on the App Store. The app requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later.

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