Steam on ChromeOS: Which games can you play on your Chromebook?

Say what you will about Chromebooks and ChromeOS, but these devices aren't just great for the classroom any longer. Sure, there are some that you won't really be able to do much with, but if you expand your horizon, it's immediately apparent that there's a tectonic shift taking place.

For example, just look at how far Google has come following the introduction of Steam on ChromeOS. Following the release of ChromeOS 108, Google moved Steam out of Alpha and into Beta. And while some might have hoped to have seen Steam made available for everyone by now, the truth is that this is a project that can't be rushed if it's going to succeed. 

With that in mind, if you've picked up one of the best Chromebooks for yourself, and want to know about what games are compatible with Steam on ChromeOS, we've got you covered. 

Which Chromebooks support Steam?

Intel logo on Acer Chromebook 516 GE

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Over the past few months, we've seen a few new Chromebooks released that provide more of an emphasis on gaming. These include displays with high refresh rates, along with RGB backlighting on the keyboard. 

However, because Steam on ChromeOS is still in beta, the new gaming Chromebooks are marketed as cloud gaming-first solutions. The nice thing is that the majority of these are still compatible with Steam, giving you the best of both worlds. 

There are a few requirements to be aware of if you are looking at buying a new Chromebook and want to be able to play Steam games. Google lists the requirements via the Steam on ChromeOS Beta landing page, stating that Chromebooks must use at least an Intel Core i3/Ryzen 3 or higher CPUs and at least 8GB of RAM. 

In addition to the trio of Chromebooks listed above, here's the full list of compatible and approved options at the time of this writing. 

It's also important to remember that new Chromebooks are being released all of the time. So this list will (hopefully) grow exponentially over the coming months, and you might end up finding a Chromebook or two that works with Steam even if it's not on the list.

Steam on ChromeOS games

Xbox Controller on Acer Chromebook Spin 713 in tablet mode

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According to a recent report by Statista, there are currently almost 11,000 games listed on Steam. However, despite that many games being available, you won't be able to play all of them on your Chromebook. However, the team working to bring Steam on ChromeOS has provided a list of almost 100 different games that have been tested and are mostly working. 

The list omits popular AAA titles such as Elden Ring or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This is simply due to the fact that the built-in graphics isn't quite powerful enough (yet) for these types of games to be played. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for a Chromebook to be released that features a dedicated GPU. But until then, there are still some pretty great games that are playable on a Chromebook.

What issues are still present with Steam on Chromebooks?

Steam on Chromebooks

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It's important to remember that no matter what game you try and download, you might run into some issues. Steam on ChromeOS is still in Beta, as Google continues its work to improve the overall experience. On the bright side, there are some “known issues” that can be remedied with various workarounds. 

As a reminder, if you run into a problem playing a game on Steam, make sure that you file the appropriate feedback so that the team can hopefully implement a fix.

It’s an exciting time

Lenovo 5i Chromebook (16-inch) showing Xbox Cloud Gaming with an Xbox controller sitting in front.

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In the past few years alone, Chromebooks have expanded far beyond just being “a browser in a laptop.” Along with being able to play your favorite Android games, you can now enjoy some of the best cloud gaming services, and if you have a compatible Chromebook, Steam on ChromeOS is now a viable option.

To say that we're excited about the future of Chromebooks would be an understatement. Now, we're just hoping to see the compatibility of Steam on ChromeOS and the list of games grow even further. Maybe, just maybe, we'll end up with a Chromebook with a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD GPU built-in, and won't have to solely rely on Intel's onboard graphics.


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