Sony's 'Daring' PS5 Design, Spider-Man Game, and Questions Left Unanswered

Sony's 'Daring' PS5 Design, Spider-Man Game, and Questions Left Unanswered


Sony’s PlayStation5 is finally launched. In the event filled with fans, enthusiasts, and onlookers, the company revealed the console’s latest fresh white design, alongside new games and details, CNet reported.

The details included the return of familiar concepts with new titles, and gamers think they look “dazzling.”

The device’s new look features a tall and thin console, white on the front and back, with black and light blue accent colors on the sides. Plus, there is also a digital version launching soon.

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Spider-Man game

One of the loudly recognized games in the launch event was Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is reportedly a stand-alone game. It will be released in stores during the upcoming holidays, though.

According to Insomniac Games, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not a remastered version, and will focus on the comic book’s mixed-race character, Morales, who was featured during the 2019 hit movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse.

There are reports saying that Sony left a few details unanswered.

Unanswered details

Despite the success of the launch event, website What Hi-Fi? noticed that Sony seemed to have missed details that gamers expected to answer. 

Rumors and preview of the event in the news during the days before the launch said that the discussion will include how much the PS5 will cost. However, the launch event failed to reveal this information, including the pricing for the digital edition. Speculations say it is around $100, but these are not official. 

Aside from the pricing, the report also said the definite launch date was not revealed. Questions including whether the PS5 versions will launch on the same day or there will be delays were left unanswered. 

“We were treated to a front-on view of the console during the PS5 reveal but didn’t get a glimpse of the back. We spotted a couple of buttons on the front of the standard PS5, which we assume are power and eject,” the website pointed out. “You can also see there are two USB sockets on the front, one Type-A, and one USB-C, presumably to cater for legacy PS4 controllers and the new PS5 DualSense wireless controller.”

They added gamers are clueless about what lies behind the console, and questions such as whether it is HDMI 2.1 output or the Ethernet connection came through are not clarified. They also asked whether there could be an HDMI input for connecting external sources. 

“Is there an optical digital output for connecting the console to legacy AV receivers and soundbars? What about the 1080p HD camera, how does that fit in? The console is also supposed to have expandable storage on top of its 825GB SSD hard drive, but will the extra bay be inside the console, or could it be a slot around the back?” the website added.

However, they are hoping Sony will soon reveal these details and features. Tune in to Tech Times for more news updates about tech and gaming. 

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