Segway Cube series gives you portable power beyond traditional limits in 2 capacities

Segway Cube Modular Portable Power Station Series

Check out the Segway Cube Series. It can power your outdoor activities and help during a power outage.


Choose from 2 Models: The Cube series includes 2 models: the Cube 1000 and the Cube 2000. They have 1- and 2- kilowatt-hours of capacity, respectively.

A stacked modular battery: The stacked, modular battery design allows for seamless expansion with up to 5 battery modules.

High output: With an ultra-high power output of 2200W AC, the Cube series intelligently adjusts power supply to prevent overload. It supports devices with up to 4400W consumption. So it’s great for household energy.

Durable design: These portable power stations have an AM60B magnesium alloy skeleton shell for durability. Then, the stable UL-certified lithium iron phosphate power cells are safe even in harsh environments.

Fast charging: Both models can fully charge in as little as 1.2 hours.


Have energy for the outdoors and your home with these portable power stations.

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