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The EDGE Kit is a set of laptop accessories that includes a phone and tablet mount, a 280 lumens EDGE Light, and a 15W EDGE Wireless Charger. By providing hands-free phone accessibility, it allows you to access the information you need at eye level and charge your phone while you work. The EDGE Mount is the central component of the system and can attach to your phone, wireless charger, or light using a magnetic system, enabling you to manage your tasks more effectively. The EDGE 15W Wireless Charger is compatible with iPhone MagSafe devices (12 and above), iPhone 8 and above, and all Android devices that support wireless charging. Made of CNC machined aluminum and with N52 magnets, it is a durable and reliable accessory. The EDGE Light, which has a built-in battery, illuminates your online meetings, making them look more professional. You can choose from three levels of brightness.

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