Photoscope helps you clean up your photo library

Leitmotif, the team behind Kaleidoscope and Versions for Mac, is out with a brand new photo management tool. Photoscope just launched on both iPhone and Apple Vision Pro (possibly a first for that combo with a new app). The pitch is that it can help you clean up your massive photo library and rediscover your best shots. And to start, t’s completely free with no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Leitmotif explains what Photoscope can do for you:

1. Surface your photo series and bursts in a familiar interface.

2. Guide you through the quickest process possible to find a single pick for a series.

3. Let you then share or favorite that pick, and let you delete all the discarded photos from that series.

As for why they’re launching on iPhone and Apple Vision Pro together first, they explain:

We’ve had the need for a product like Photoscope for a long time. This winter, we had the perfect opportunity to create our first native app for Apple Vision Pro while scratching our itch. So we couldn’t resist.

And despite being free to start, Leitmotif is not making you the product. Instead, they explain that future features may be monetized, and your data is completely private. While it’s free, the best way to support their work is sharing Photoscope if you like it, and checking out their other apps:

Let more people know about the app. Post to social media, share the app with friends and family. If you like Photoscope, please leave a review on the App Store. That does help us a lot! If you have a quibble with Photoscope, please get in touch and let us know. If want to support our work, take a look at our other products, Kaleidoscope and Versions. Maybe you have a need for them.

Finally, iPad and Mac support are on their radar. Meanwhile, you have to appreciate their effort to bring this experience to Apple Vision Pro at the beginning. Great app experiences ultimately define how useful Apple’s spatial computer can be. Photoscope looks like a great addition to the platform.

Download Photoscope for free from the App Store on iPhone or Apple Vision Pro.

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