Photomator gets new file explorer with non-destructive editing

As you may already know, Photomator is an image editor from the same developers as the popular illustration app Pixelmator. Following an update in December that added a watermarking tool to the app, the macOS version of Photomator is now getting a brand new file explorer with support for non-destructive editing and more.

What’s new with Photomator 3.3

As detailed in a blog post, Photomator 3.3 brings a new file explorer built with native macOS technologies. This enables support for things like drag and drop to quickly import folders and photos, a native Share menu, and search. It’s also compatible with Apple File System (APFS), so it doesn’t catalog or duplicate your images, saving storage space.

But that’s not all. With the new file explorer, Photomator can now access media from folders on external drives and even cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. And when the user reconnects the external storage, all the edits will be there.

But one of the most interesting new features is the edit-saving option, which lets users save their edits along with the original file without modifying the file itself or exporting a new image. This is extremely useful when working with external storage, cloud services, or limited storage space, as Photomator will only save a small file with your edits until you’re ready to export the final image.

“Photomator’s photo editing is designed to be nondestructive across all photo locations – whether your photos are on a Mac, external storage, or a cloud service, you’ll be able to preserve the original photo and revert the edits at any time,” the developers explain.

The update also improves compatibility between the macOS and iOS versions of the app. You can now easily view edits on all your devices by syncing them through iCloud Drive.

Try it now

Photomator is available on the App Store – and you can try it out for free. Users can opt for a subscription model or buy a lifetime license, which typically costs $119.99. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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