Ottocast makes your in-car entertainment next-level amazing [Save 30%]

If your car has factory-installed CarPlay or Android, then the wireless vehicle entertainment experts at Ottocast want to turbocharge your in-car entertainment.

For a limited time, 9to5Mac readers can take advantage of an exclusive 30% discount on some of Ottocast’s best CarPlay products by using code “TM30” at checkout.

Ottocast doesn’t see cars as just a mode of transportation – they’re an extension of your home and digital life. The company is known for some of the most popular and well-reviewed CarPlay accessories on the market. Check out these three great Ottocast offerings to see which one might best fit you.

OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box

If your car has factory-wired CarPlay, then the high-performance OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box will bring a whole lot of fun in the form of wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and Ottodrive 2.0 (Android 12) to your ride.

The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box setup process is a piece of cake – connect it to your car via USB, and your iPhone then connects to the OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box via Bluetooth. And that’s it – every time you get into your car, your phone will connect to the OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box within 15 seconds. The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box supports both iPhones and Androids.

The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box allows you to access all your favorite apps, including Netflix, Chrome, Disney+, YouTube, Instagram, and more. (Just don’t use them if you’re the driver!) Plus, you can customize your homepage via the user interface.

The palm-sized OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box packs a Snapdragon 665 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, which can be further expanded by another 256GB through the microSD card slot.

But what’s really neat is its inclusion of a mini-HDMI port. That allows the simultaneous display of Android Auto/CarPlay or OttoDrive apps on your car infotainment display and a rear headrest screen. For folks driving with kids, this is a must, especially on road trips.

The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box receives over-the-air software updates with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

The OttoAibox P3 CarPlay AI Box retails for $339.99. But 9to5Mac readers enjoy an exclusive 30% discount using code “TM30“, making the OttoAibox P3 a fantastic deal at $237.99.

Ottoadapter MX

The Ottoadapter MX Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto 3-in-1 Adapter is one of Ottocast’s more affordable options for cars with factory-wired CarPlay or Android Auto, and it works with both Androids and iPhones.

The Ottoadapter MX Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto 3-in-1 Adapter connects Android Auto and CarPlay wirelessly. It includes support for AirPlay screen mirroring for YouTube and Apple TV, bringing a slew of new content to your car’s infotainment screen.

Ottocast has minimized latency that commonly plagues wireless Android Auto dongles, so your screen taps evoke instant responses. Plus, the Ottoadapter MX also receives automatic wireless updates.

For drivers who want Android Auto and CarPlay support and don’t need any extra bells and whistles, the Ottoadapter MX may fit the bill. It usually carries a retail price of $149, but with the 9to5Mac readers’ 30% discount using code “TM30,” the Ottoadapter MX Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto 3-in-1 Adapter is just $104.30.

Play2Video Pro

The Play2Video Pro Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto All-in-one Adapter sports many of the same core features of the Ottoadapter MX, including wireless Android Auto and CarPlay with low latency and automatic updates. But it’s got one pretty big distinction.

Instead of AirPlay connectivity, the Play2Video Pro includes its own on-device experience powered by Android 12. This turns your car’s screen and speakers into a miniature movie theater. Just connect to wifi to gain access to built-in apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and IPTV.

For the extra features, the Play2Video Pro carries only a slightly higher retail price, at $179.99, which, once the 9to5Mac readers’ 30% discount using code “TM30” is applied, is reduced to $125.99.

Go to the official website for more product information!

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