Nikon Z 8 hybrid camera packs power in a compact footprint

Upgrade your photography kit with the Nikon Z 8 hybrid camera. Combining powerful performance and a professional build, this compact, lightweight camera is ideal for both stills and videos.

-Shares flagship technology from the Z 9.

-Captures 45.7MP stills in bright hues.

-Has unrivaled in-camera 8K UHD video.

-Offers burst speeds up to 120 fps for stills, giving you an edge when photographing things like birds, weddings, sports, etc.

-Has internal 8K/60P and 4K/120p video, making it a powerhouse for creation.

-Moves smoothly and comfortably thanks to the compact and lightweight design.

-Lets you create beautiful portraits with skin-softening features, portrait impression balance, and improved white balance.

-Illuminated buttons help you take better shots in the dark.

-Creative picture controls, motion blend, 900-second long exposure, and more support your creativity.


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