Movpak: A rolling backpack with an electric skateboard inside

Movpak: A rolling backpack with an electric skateboard inside



Take a roomy backpack and put a motorized skateboard inside and you have the mobile Movpak. This colorful backpack is a traditional rolling bag that adds a skateboard that can do 20 mph. It can get you to work, as long as you live within its 10 mile range.

The premise behind the Movpak is to provide a full rolling backpack for trips. It can be used for the daily wanderings that many professionals make, and it is a complete method of transportation for traveling. The skateboard stays out of the way when it is slid up into the bag, yet it can be easily pulled out to hit the road. The wheels of the Movpak have two motors, which is how it can travel so far and fast on a single charge.

According to the developers, the Movpak is stable and easy to ride, even for those not good with skateboards. The wide skateboard is reinforced with Kevlar and will handle up to 240 pounds. It has a braking system that recharges the battery when it’s stopping.


It’s not just the skateboard that is special, there is a small controller that is used when riding the skateboard. A USB port in the bag can keep your phone charged. The Siri and Google Now support can help guide you where you need to be. Integrated tracking can notify you if the Movpak gets stolen and help you find it.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Movpak just got started and is already generating interest. Early backers will get a Movpak for $599 which isn’t cheap but then it is ready to roll.