Microsoft’s SwiftKey brings Bing AI smarts to any iPhone or Android app

Microsoft is out with its latest generative AI integration today. The company’s SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android now features GPT AI smarts which means you can seamlessly use it across any app on iPhone and Android smartphones that work with a third-party keyboard.

From Bing, Edge, and Skype seeing the latest AI capabilities, to Microsoft’s productivity apps being next, and even a new Copilot Security tool, the company has been quickly adding a customized version of OpenAI’s GPT smarts.

Now Microsoft has announced its SwiftKey smart keyboard has Bing AI built-in for iPhone and Android. The company shared all the details in a blog post:

In recent weeks, we’ve added a variety of new ways to access and interact with the new Bing. Today, we are announcing yet another, with powerful updates to SwiftKey that put the Bing AI experience one touch away across any iOS or Android mobile experience that supports a third-party keyboard.

The SwiftKey Bing AI integration that’s available now with version 3.0.1 has three main features:

Chat lets you “access the new Bing on the go for more detailed queries,” Search lets you “quickly search the web from your keyboard, without switching apps,” and the Tone feature helps you “communicate more effectively by using AI to customize your in-progress text to fit any situation.”

SwiftKey Bing AI availability

Microsoft says the new capabilities in “SwiftKey are accessible in all markets where the new Bing is available; anyone can use Search now.”

However, using the new Tone and Chat features requires being signed into your Microsoft Account that has access to the Bing Preview. If you haven’t signed up for the Bing Preview yet, you can do that here or in the Bing app.

Look for the Bing icon on the left side above the SwiftKey keyboard.

SwiftKey is a free download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Check out more details including a variety of use cases in Microsoft’s full announcement.

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