Microsoft x ByoWave Proteus creates 100+ configurations

Discover new levels of gaming flexibility with the Microsoft x ByoWave Proteus Controller. Designed for Xbox, this innovative controller supports over 100 personalized configurations, allowing gamers of all abilities to tailor their setup.


Modular design freedom: The ‘snap and play’ system allows you to configure the controller using interchangeable cubes that include buttons, D-pads, and analog sticks.
Inclusive gaming experience: Universal Design principles make the Proteus Controller accessible, offering comfort and functionality for one-handed gamers and players with disabilities.
Customizable controls: Remap buttons through a companion app to fit your gaming style.
Versatile use beyond gaming: Users have adapted the controller for diverse applications, such as stock market transactions, expanding its utility.
Complete kit included: Comes with all necessary components, including a USB-C cable and a Bluetooth dongle, to ensure a full setup right out of the box.


Empower your play with the ByoWave Proteus Controller Kit!

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