Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk furnishes your workstation anywhere

Logitech has had a knack for releasing quirky desktop upgrades for your Mac, and its latest release is only doubling down on the sentiment. The new Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk packs everything you need to turn a MacBook into a more ergonomic workstation thanks to a compact design that all condenses into a book design when not in use.

Logitech’s latest accessory is more like a whole desk upgrade versus just a single gadget. The Casa Pop Up Desk really does live up to its name of being able to convert into a full desktop setup. But it ultimately is just a companion for your MacBook or PC that brings three key components into your workstation.

The productivity suite starts with the Casa Keyboard – a wireless, chicklet-style keyboard that can pair with up to 3 devices at once. It connects over Bluetooth with upwards of 5 months of battery life and features a design that’s quite similar to Apple’s own Magic Keyboard – sans the aluminum shell. Logitech pairs it with a similarly designed trackpad, which is fittingly deemed the Casa Touch. This wireless touchpad only has 3 weeks of battery life on a single charge and sports the same multi-device Bluetooth support as the Casa Keyboard.

Then there’s the actual case that holds the peripherals. The Casa Book is where the Pop Up part of the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk name comes from, folding into a laptop stand for getting your MacBook’s screen to a more ergonomic eye level. It can support pretty much any laptop or even an iPad, just so long as its under 16.5 pounds. That should handle everything in Apple’s current MacBook lineup, as well as some gaming laptops and more. The book design can also house the Casa Keyboard and Casa Touch when not in use, folding everything into a design that can fit right in your bag.

Of course, the big selling point here is that Logitech’s newest MacBook accessory can be used anywhere. The portable design practically begs for you to set it up at the coffee shop, or wherever else your workday brings you. As someone who is constantly trying to get out of my Brooklyn apartment and get work done somewhere more exciting, I can see just what Logitech is going for.

The new Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is now available for purchase on Amazon. It comes in three different designs, including Bohemian Blush, Classic Chic, and Nordic Calm. In any case, it sells for $179.99. The 3-in-1 workstation upgrade was previously revealed last fall as part of an international rollout, but now it’s actually available here in the United States.

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