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Stand atop the podium if you win the Mahtgician Games: Lights Out Racing board game inspired by FORMULA 1. Letting you compete against other drivers, this game has you take control of a race car. It brings the pinnacle of motorsports into your home so you can participate. Designed for novice and diehard racing fans, Lights Out Racing brings FORMULA 1 to you. You’ll get closer than ever to the action as you complete a pre-determined number of laps and cross the finish line. Using elements of FORMULA 1 racing in the gameplay, it incorporates an Energy Recovery System (ERS), a Drag Reduction System (DRS), overtakes, and braking zones. Moreover, line up on the track in a grid order, take a fast track or slow track around the board, and even take pit stops. This game is the adventure you’ve been waiting for and makes spending quality time together so much fun.

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