Lenovo Project Chronos remote workspace concept lets you connect physical & virtual worlds » Gadget Flow

Collaborate with your team, no matter where you are, when you have the Lenovo Project Chronos remote workspace concept. Blending virtual and physical worlds, this device lets you connect with a full-body-movement-driven experience. In fact, you can virtually control your lifelike avatar—and you don’t need a motion-capture wearable to do so. While it doesn’t use that wearable, it does capture your movement with its advanced RGB depth camera. This device replicates your real-time actions in a 3D-rendered virtual environment. Then, it displays them on a monitor in your home. After you create your avatar, you can control it using only your gestures, movements, posture, and facial expressions! Overall, it’ll provide virtual freedom so you and your colleagues can work anywhere.

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