LEGO Art Floral Art flower building sets let you create 3 different picture designs » Gadget Flow

Accessorize your home with a handmade piece of decor: the LEGO Art Floral Art flower building sets. In fact, you can create one picture with 3 different designs and up to 15 different possible combinations! Show off your love for LEGO, appreciation for color, and admiration for nature. You can even choose whichever motif best suits you and your living space. Designed to help you bring nature indoors, it adds a bright hue to any room. Moreover, it has a retro-inspired design with vintage floral images yet looks completely modern. Including 2,870 pieces, this set works best for people who are 18 years and older. Overall, you’ll even construct the white LEGO brick frame, which you can show off on a wall or bookshelf.

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