Leaked Google Pixel 7a live images show off the phone from all angles

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  • A number of purported Google Pixel 7a real-life photos surfaced in a new leak.
  • The latest leak suggests that Google’s next mid-range model will look like the regular Pixel 7 model.
  • Some of the Pixel 7a’s key specs have also been uncovered ahead of its launch.

Real-world images of the Google Pixel 7a have surfaced on various online platforms, providing a glimpse of the upcoming midrange model.

We already have a good idea of how the Pixel 7a would look thanks to a purported hands-on video showing off the device. A new set of leaked Pixel 7a photos, courtesy of SlashLeaks, backs up that video and suggests that Google's next challenger to the best cheap Android handsets will look like the vanilla Pixel 7.

As shown in the gallery below, the phone seems to sport the same camera strip on its back, where the two cameras and a flash are nestled. On the front, there's a punch-hole selfie snapper. The bottom of the device appears to have a USB-C port and dual speakers.

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Google Pixel 7a screen

(Image credit: SlashLeaks)
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Google Pixel 7a screen

(Image credit: SlashLeaks)
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Google Pixel 7a charging port

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Google Pixel 7a top corner

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Google Pixel 7a camera

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Google Pixel 7a back panel

(Image credit: SlashLeaks)

The leaker points out that the fingerprint sensor is placed beneath the screen, just like on the Google Pixel 6a. The upcoming Pixel 7a also appears to lack a headphone jack. This isn't surprising given that last year's mid-range model ditched that feature, making it the first in the Pixel A-series to ship without one.

In addition to real-life images, the leak has spilled the beans on the potential specs of the phone. According to the source, the Pixel 7a will include a FullHD+ 90Hz OLED screen, whereas the Pixel 6a only came with a 60Hz screen. 

A Twitter user also shared a few live images of the phone, confirming SlashLeaks' claims and adding that the screen will be 6.1 inches in size.

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It could also be powered by a Google Tensor G2 chipset like the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, coupled with a Qualcomm Wi-Fi Bluetooth chip known as the WCN6740. On the back, the rear camera will reportedly consist of a 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor and an IMX712 ultrawide shooter.

Unlike the Pixel 6a, which does not have wireless charging capabilities, the phone may support 5W wireless charging. While none of these rumored specs are set in stone, it looks like Google’s next affordable handset is getting a reasonable upgrade.


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