iPhone 14 lineup hits highest popularity among all models sold since iPhone 7

After digging into how Apple Music and Apple TV+ use varies by age, the latest report from CIRP returns to looking at iPhone adoption. According to the new data, the iPhone 14 lineup has achieved the highest share of sales among all iPhones sold in the US since the iPhone 7 lineup in 2017.

CIRP shared the new findings in its latest Substack post titled “Current Year iPhone Dominate, But Why?

Per CIRP’s research, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus set a record for making up 81% of iPhone sales in the US in 2017. In the years since the dominance of the current iPhone models has usually hovered in the low to mid 70% range.

However, as of its June 2023 data, the iPhone 14 lineup set a recent high with 79% of iPhones sold in the US being one of the latest models – just 2% shy of the iPhone 7 record.

That’s also the highest percentage the latest iPhones have earned since they launched in September 2022.

When considering what’s at play for a strong majority of US consumers to be springing for the latest and greatest iPhones, CIRP sees a couple of factors as most likely.

First, with users holding onto iPhones for longer and longer (usually more than two years), there could be more incentive to get the latest smartphone when it’s time to upgrade – even if there aren’t major changes between the current and previous-gen iPhones.

Second, with US carriers moving from 24 to 36-month installment agreements for iPhones, the monthly cost difference between an iPhone 14 and older models doesn’t appear as big, likely prompting consumers to go for the newer device.

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