iOS 18 release date: When to expect the betas and public launch

We’re not far from the first official look at iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 on June 10. Whether you’d like to test out the new OS as soon as the dev beta is available or you’ll wait for the public beta or public launch, follow along for when to expect the iOS 18 release date.

Apple historically reveals its major updates of iOS during the WWDC keynote and launches the first developer beta within hours.

Next, the first free iOS public beta usually launches about a month later with the official public release coming shortly after the fall iPhone event.

The upcoming major new iOS release is expected to come with big AI upgrades including on-device processing, a revamped version of Siri, smart integration with Messages, Apple Music, iWork, and more.

Other changes should include RCS support, new customization options for the Home Screen and the Calculator app finally landing on iPad (and Mac). Read more in our full guide:

iOS 18 release date: When does iOS 18 come out?


  1. iOS 18 developer beta – expected June 10 release at WWDC
  2. iOS 18 public beta – expected between the end of June and mid-July
  3. iOS 18 public release – expected in mid to late September

iOS 18 release date: Developer beta

iOS 18 release date dev beta
Image via Apple

Apple has made a tradition of releasing the first developer beta of each major iOS update on the same day as the yearly WWDC keynote.

  • WWDC kicks off with the keynote on June 10, expect the first iOS 18 developer beta to be released shortly afterward unless Apple switches things up

Here’s a look at the past five years of dev beta releases:

  • iOS 17 developer beta 1: June 5
  • iOS 16 developer beta 1: June 6
  • iOS 15 developer beta 1: June 7
  • iOS 14 developer beta 1: June 22 (delay due to pandemic)
  • iOS 13 developer beta 1: June 3

Public beta

iOS 18 release date public beta
Image via Apple
  • The first iOS public beta typically arrives four to five weeks after the first developer beta launches in June. Historically that’s been between late June and early July.

Here’s a look at the last few years:

Official public release

  • It’s likely iOS 18 will come out in mid to late September unless Apple throws us a curveball
  • If Apple has its iPhone 16 event between September 9-17, we could see iOS 18 officially launch between September 16-23.

Here’s a look at the last four years of iOS releases:

  • iOS 17: September 18, 2023 (after September 12 event)
  • iOS 16: September 16, 2022 (after September 7 event)
  • iOS 15: September 20, 2021 (after September 14 event)
  • iOS 14: September 16, 2020 (after September 15 event)
  • iOS 13: September 19, 2019 (after September 10 event)

iOS 18 release date conclusion

Image by 9to5Mac

Since you can install iOS betas right within iPhone Settings (since iOS 16.4), it will be smooth and easy to try out iOS 18 come June.

Are you planning to run the upcoming beta or will you wait for the polished, public release? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading our guide on the iOS 18 release date! Check out more details on what to expect with iOS 18:

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