iOS 17.2 lets users disable inline text predictions

Apple has made a number of improvements to the iPhone and iPad virtual keyboard with iOS 17, which now uses a large language model (LLM) to improve autocorrection and provide inline text predictions. Until now, turning off inline text predictions required users to also turn off predictive text. With iOS 17.2, however, users can disable each feature separately.

Turning off inline text predictions in iOS

For those unfamiliar, predictive text is the name given to the word suggestions displayed just above the virtual keyboard while you are typing. This feature was added in 2014 with iOS 8. Inline text predictions were added with iOS 17, and they essentially try to autocomplete sentences you’re typing – and you can use these suggestions by pressing space.

Some users didn’t like having the new inline text predictions, but to turn them off, they were also forced to turn off predictive text.

With the third beta of iOS 17.2, released to developers on Tuesday, Apple made different toggles for each feature. This means that you can now turn off inline text predictions and still use predictive text. However, turning off predictive text from the keyboard will still turn off inline text predictions.

The new toggle can be found in the Keyboard settings. One thing to keep in mind is that inline text predictions require an iPhone 12 or later to work. The same applies to the improved autocorrect.

iOS 17.2 lets users disable inline text predictions without turning off predictive text

More about iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 includes Apple’s new Journal app, first announced at WWDC. There’s also support for collaborative playlists in Apple Music, changes to tapback reactions, and new widgets for Clock and Weather. The update also enables recording Spatial Videos for Apple Vision Pro using iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.2 to the public by the end of the year.

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